The Hutton Brothers

Hutton Brothers

James & Brian Hutton started Brothers BBQ Grills in 2021 which was changed in 2024 to Brorthers barbecue company with the same recipe. In 2018, with the love of riding Harleys Davison motorcycles throughout the country, hitting as many barbecue restaurants as possible. The brothers started Grilling and slow smoking ribs, tri-tip, briskets and even chicken learning the craft of slow smoking barbecue. The Brothers wanted to come up with something other than what they were purchasing in the store for barbecue sauces, seasons, and rubs. In 2022, the Brothers found the right recipe for ribs, which is now our most popular, Kansas City barbecue sauce and Kansas City Rub, a winning recipe. They also wanted to start selling Camp Chef Grills along with their rubs, sauces and seasoning.

The Hutton Brother's mission has been to share their incredible barbecue sauces, seasons, and rubs, by giving their customers the knowledge and support they need to make the best BBQ ever. They wanted to inspire people to have a great bbq experiences while creating great memories with their family and friends.

Jim & Brian Hutton

The love of Harley Davidsons motorcycles, cigars and barbecue. Can you think of anything better?